Clear road ahead..

Yesterday I allowed myself a break from the norm..

The norm , amazingly , is now clean eating.  We had a little lunch do at work for a colleague who was getting married,  I had my prepared lunch (leftovers) with me and brought berries for pudding as my contribution.  However,   once I saw the array of bread , cheese , hummus , crisps, meats  & homemade muffins    I knew that I would ,  for lunch only  , put aside my strict regime to indulge in some shared eats.   And it felt healthly .  It was healthy to not be constrictive all the time , it was healthy to eat with people ,  it was healthy to learn to eat ‘ forbidden’  foods in a controlled way!      I enjoy eating clean   ,  I know that it is something that I will always need to follow relatively consistently,    for I am a recovering compulsive overeater & sugar addict.     Four months ago I was 16 stone.   I am now 13.6 stone.   And for me to say that this was a break from the norm is a massive step forward,   for I have moved from ‘  being on a diet ‘   to being normal,   to eating the way I want to eat.   It has taken 20 years to come to this astonishing place in my life, whereby I have learned to love myself so much that I want to give myself what I have always yearned for ,  a slim & light body  , which is at peace with itself.   And although I am  still on my journey ,  I can  see the road clearly…

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