When the sun shines in England it is glorious.


I find deep satisfaction in preparing lists for our family summer holidays…
Well lists for anything really , I love a list. They are so orderly and wonderfully stress defying!
Everything goes into these lists, apart from specifics, for example , the families entire wardrobe for the holidays comes under ” clothes”    –    apart from specific items ,      such as ‘swimming costume’ or ‘sexy nightie’.  😉

Desist , I am boring myself.
But the anticipation of a holiday is part of it all really isn’t it? We ‘ve decided to purchase our own spanking sat nav, instead of borrowing my mum’s crap one, which is exciting in itself. I suppose ,     maybe my simple life could be construed as tedious. But heck,        I find it wonderfully mundane and wholesome.
I spent my late teens and early 20’s in utter chaos,   I was a promotions representative abroad,    we worked on 100% commission,  we lived hour to hour. It was glorious ,  but now , I suppose ,   I relish routine & simple pleasures.

Last 2 days at work before a delicious 2 week break on the south coast of England..   When the sun shines in England it is glorious.  There is a rumour of a heat wave..   Last year ,  we spent 10 rainy miserable days,  camping in Somerset.  We deserve a HEATWAVE..   Rock pooling , British seaside towns,  country walks , tacky classic nighttime entertainment.    Can’t get that on the costa…

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