Losing my faith yet gaining my freedom.

A crow came into my life last week. She was a baby who couldn’t yet fly ;  somehow , she got into my dining room. When I sat down next to her , my face close up to hers, she turned and looked at me , stared at me for a long time, I was mesmerised by her gaze, afraid to look away and lose the moment. In her eyes I sensed the wisdom of 1000 ‘s of years . .. She looked old , she looked as though she knew every inch of my being.

She was a pivotal moment in my currently confused and disordered mind. My faith , as I knew it , hangs by a thread. And in that moment , I realised that the universe & eternity are so much bigger and richer than I ever dared to imagine, the boxes that I have lived in are containers for those who cannot bear to be in unknown places. The need to conform lies deep within our souls.

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