Today I came out..

Today I came out .  Not in the traditional sense of the word but in a ‘  I no longer believe in what you do sense ‘

I just don’t believe in Hell ,  I told my closest friends.  I can’t get over it and it changes everything.     How did I not realise this before? I have been a ‘  Christian ‘  for 10 years.   But you know , sometimes ,  the simplest things take a long time to register in your mind.   Someone finally gives up smoking ,    or loses weight or changes career – often surprising all those around them –    something just clicks into place.

How do you cope when your life as you knew it shifts into a new direction with different roads to travel and traffic jams of doubt and anxiety jarring the way.

The road less travelled is a tricky one.    Developing your own sense of self belief ,   depending upon your own thoughts and conclusions, not those of men.   It takes a certain kind of courage that I am not sure I have.

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