I Just love my mutt..

My dog sits at my feet as I write.

I have often marvelled that dog backwards is God.    Dogs are like God.    They are relentlessly loyal ,  utterly devoted ,  all forgiving and they live for the moment in time that they soulfully inhabit.

I love my dog.

I had cats all my life until I got a dog at 36 years.   He is just mutt, wonderfully designed by many genes ;   but I often  marvel at the perfect symmetry of his teeth and his mane.   The beautiful way he sings a tune to me when he wants OUT.  And the look of utter disgust on his face should I try attempting to take him out in the rain.

My heart swells with such love for this mutt that it often brings tears to my being.

He has this thing ,  when we are crossing a big field ,  where he will sit and watch me walk away ,   we play this game where I turn back and look to him and then  turn away and continue.  ..  He waits stubbornly for our age –  old game .    I eventually ,   when he is no more  than a distant dot against the trees ,  turn around ,  sink to the ground and serenade him to join me.   With childlike abandon he runs as fast as his little legs can carry him,   with the proud gallop of a thoroughbred horse.   The moment is all his ,   he never tires of its joy.  Neither do I.   I just love my mutt.

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