Sermons and rainbows

Sunday.  This morning I went to church.   Although I no longer believe in the fundamental belief system of christianity ,   part of me still finds comfort in sitting for an hour ,   the conformity ,  the worship singing ,   the solace in expected silence from the crowd.    What I once found intensely captivating and astounding ,  I now find mildly irritating.    But I cannot stop going.   To stop would be a big deal.   My life has centred around my church for a good decade.   I look at the friendships that I have made and literally only a couple would survive if I left.  Now,   that is a reason to go as well as to stay,   but there is a safety in belonging to a community that I am not prepared to relinquish just now.

Today ,  the skies were heavy and two rainbows splashed the sky with colour.    God promised Noah  he would never flood the world again ,   and to seal this promise   he gave us rainbows  to remind us.     A lovely childish tale .   Now I see the rainbow and I see a profound promise of hope and light .    It represents new being ,  new awakenings ,  it is for me what I need to to be.  A whisper to get out of the house,   to seek some earthly peace in the woods with my dog.   So ,  that’s what I will do ….

God bless šŸ™‚

double rainbow
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