Winter skies

Today was the first proper day of British Winter time.  The first working day anyway.

The gorgeous red winter sky proclaimed its glory over our office as it always does in Winter time.   There  was a cloud curtain;   heavy ,  prevailing,   and the most awesome colours.     People  moan about winter,   moan about the cold , moan about darkness.

I love the winter,  yes ,  I miss the light evenings,   but there is something majestic about the earth in winter.   The glorious winter trees ,  holding their spring promises,   the vibrant cold air rushing past your face on the cycle home , pinking your cheeks.     Today , I was transported back to my old school days ,  when we used to finish sports matches in the cold dark evenings   ,  just the smell of english winter,   the ride home in the mini bus ,   with the kaleidoscope of sunsets .   Delightfully secretive .   Sunsets are my favourite thing  ,    and winter allows me more access to them.   You can’t get away from them when they hit the skies at 4:30pm!

adventure asia backlit bicycle
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