The world gone and got itself in a hurry.

Why do we not do what is good for us?

That yoga practice ,  less food , less TV ,  more sleep ,  less toxicity generally..  What makes us so lazy  , avoidant ,  desirous.

I know that we go on about the ego,   sub-conscious sabotage but really.    Is it that deep?

I think life is just too easy.  Too on tap.   Too much choice.   Our minds and lives are so flooded with stuff ,  people , commitments , lures ,   that we are just incapable of being still.    We have lost our way.  Our brains are wired for constant attention.   Sometimes I long for eras long past.  Where there was no television,   or entertainment of an instant type.   Where you had to seek experiences ,   read books ,  write .   Where you met and spent time with family and friends playing games and dancing to guitars and pianos and ukuleles .   It just feels like there is no going back on this world.  It’s changed irrevocably and charged with a menace that isn’t going to leave.    They say the age of awakening is coming.   I hope so.

coal coffee cooking daylight
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