.. I doubt I will ever do a 5 day week again.

I work a 3 day week.   I came home tonight , feeling like I had just started the week and it’s already finished ,  work wise anyway.    Part of me feels lazy &  spoilt  ,  but mostly I feel relief.  Even though it has flown by since Monday ,  it is fully jam packed and I am exhausted.    The thought of perhaps  adding another day into my world of work is on my mind,   solely for financial reasons.   Well , I say solely,  I do feel pressure from my OH to earn more money.   He sees my part time status as indulgent ,  he is older than me and feels that he should be the one who is stepping down from life.  He feels envy.     I believe all mothers should work part time where possible.    I do most things in our family ,   this is my own doing,  taking responsibility for all of it , but it is still a fact.   I do a full time job with a home , 2 kids  a dog and an anxiety ridden mother.   Then there is my 3 day a week side job.  That’s my take on it.   I may go up to 4 days …   But I doubt I will ever do a 5 day week again.  Life’s too precious and money is overrated.

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Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

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