The Spirit child

They say that a woman begins to find herself ,  tap into her soul , bridle up her ego at any point in her life,  but most often in her 40’s.   This has certainly been true for me..

Now 43,  I began a journey of  change in the 7 or so months before my 40th birthday.    For me it was a weight-loss journey ,  but it could have been any number of things that provoked the move ,   for any woman/ man.    Toxic relationships,   drugs,  conformity  –   whatever is holding a woman prisoner to who she needs to become must first be accepted as deadly to the soul ,   then the fighting spirit can be activated.   How easy this journey is , how hard one finds the road or finds oneself lost or at a dead end is dependant upon so much ..

But the fact is that you have to keep walking.  You can’t turn back.     The world will have many ways in which to curb your freedom.   Your wild nature.    Religion,  male dominance, society ,  cultural norms , responsibility ,   ill – health :  the list is endless.   But there is such magic in discovering that within oneself ,   is the desire to fly .   To soar above the clouds ,   to choose ones place to land.

He who cannot howl , will never find his pack .

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