Day 2 : UK Lockdown

I love the Spring ,  I am waking up earlier due to the lighter mornings ,  something I have been wanting to do for ages but I just haven’t been able to rouse myself ,     so my early 6am wakings are a real blessing,   I feel that the time belongs to me,   all is quiet,  no one else is up   and the mornings hold such peace.     I look at my watch come 10am and have done so much ,  it’s so satisfying.     My period came with the New Moon this week,   I feel this is significant ,  an alignment with mother earth,    I walked up the common early this morning with my son ,     my son hasn’t come for a walk with me for years!   But due to Lockdown ,   he wanted his daily walk.    These silver linings keep coming.

Fear is a back drop however,    the figures from Spain , Italy and New York keep coming through ,     we keep getting reminded that we are 2 weeks behind.    I sense the storm approaching and wonder what it will bring.    One half of me wants to don a uniform and go out with my sword into the night ,  the other wants to hibernate at home with the rest of the nation.

We were reminded today by our consultant,     that our more front line colleagues (midwives)   are really feeling the strain .   The battle is real .  Women still have babies,    they still need  delivering  ,    people still have cancer , emergencies,   broken bones ..   Where are all these folk getting their care amidst the terror and the swarm?   It’s a really scary time to be ill,   pregnant ,  burnt , bruised and even more so ,  it’s a really terrifying time for those women (or men)   affected by Domestic violence.      There are some terrible victims in this .

On a more lighter note,   it looks like the British public have finally calmed their supermarket frenzy.       Shelves are stocked ,   queues are less and lists are getting ticked off.     Nearly 1/2 a million people have signed up to be a NHS volunteers.   Kids are doing window posters saying thanks to the NHS.   People are actually walking their own dogs.   My house is closed to girlfriends and late night visitors .    My garden is getting gardened and I decided to keep my allotment .      I pruned my tress and grass will be getting cut.   Life ,    as they say ,   must go on .

garden grass meadow green
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