Day 3 UK Lockdown

Another beautiful morning in the UK.     Mother Nature continues to even out the flow of life.

I set to work on my garden today,    what a difference some care and attention makes,  cutting the grass,  tidying all the accumulated shit of my hoarding husband.    I found out today that I am going to be re-deployed ,    as a NHS community nurse ,   they feel that we aren’t currently emergency staff,     as going into homes to check on people being care for in the community  is deemed too much of a risk and not enough of one to be doing so.       So we are now going to be used in a new  Mental Health A&E center.   I have mixed feelings,   I was enjoying my new role with new mums,   I think that they really need our help at this time,   particularly the ones with lots of anxiety and intrusive thoughts.    Who is going to look after them while we deal with all the emergencies?    I know that the drunk people    & those who are    suicidal and psychotic need immediate help ,   but what does that mean for the mums who can’t cope,  who are caring for the adults of tomorrow?

Anyway ,  part of me is a little bit excited,   to do something different ,  I have been saying that I want to don my shield of fire haven’t I?   Well this is my chance,    I did used to love working in psychiatric emergency many years ago ,  I shall have to brush up on my skills!         And I am sure , once the storm is less intense    ,  there will be a lot of psychiatric overflow to deal with.

Tonight , at 8pm ,  the streets of the UK came out to clap for our NHS staff.        My road was highly fucking disappointing and I cried.    That’s life.

Feeling a bit rubbish now.  Too much wine.

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