Day 4 – Lockdown

So as a part of our wonderful NHS , I was privileged to be able to shop in the supermarket this morning before it opened . I felt quite the celebrity. I always wondered how other people manage to just do a once weekly shop and now I know! Making the best of what I have . In contrast to this I had to go out again ( rule breaking!) to drop my bike off for a service and promised my mum I’d get her some wine ( essentials ). Both supermarkets had queues snaking round the car park just to get inside!!! As I walked past the queue I was screamed at by a woman for being too close ( 2 meters ) . Normally this sort of rudeness would really get my goat but something in me just Kindly gave her her space , as I almost immediately realised she was acting out of a place of utter fear. These strange days are really affecting people .

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