Day 5 – Uk Lockdown

Saturday today. A blustery March day in my beautiful country. This morning I went up my allotment , a sacred space I have been debating to relinquish – I realised that I look through the lens of other peoples’ plots , I see their neat patches , or well established veggies , posh sheds in the right place , planks and wooden structures and I feel a sense of disappointment with mine. Today , instead , I saw my two trees , a plum and an apple , like old friends waiting for me , my herb garden I planted last year looking untidy and in need of some love , my daffodils that I planted in the autumn to give me some spring colour , have fulfilled their promise. I cut the long grass and started to try and clear the brambles and I remembered that there is no rush , it doesn’t matter how long I’ve had it , or how much I haven’t done. It’s my bit of land , a tiny piece of my own common . When I spend time there I feel a deep sense of peace .

Then , Tonight I talked to 2 of my oldest friends on Zoom. It was a real treat. It’s been a day of revivals. The wind brought change , growth and clarity. It was also a day of breaking of abstinence. I ate sugar. A bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes, half a (large) bar of chocolate and a bit of carrot cake. I don’t do things by halves , never have. But it’s a fact that me and food have a difficult relationship . I love it but it doesn’t love me …

Still , tomorrow will bring new winds. Who knows where this new world will take us then.

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