Day 6 : UK Lockdown

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Today I was contemplating conspiracy theories after one too many wines.   Our dear best friends,  who we spend every weekend with have been sorely missed in the last few weeks. Firstly we went on holiday for a week and the whole Corona Virus catastrophe kicked off in that time. They run a local bakery shop,  which has only been open a year ,  prior to that ,  financially they have struggled for the last decade really .   Well since the virus and the supermarket debacle in the UK   , they have hit gold!    Their very popular bread , which is their best seller –    they can’t bake enough to cope with demand .    People are ordering  ready meals to cope with self isolation,  buying their cakes,  quiches , jams  ,  juices &  eggs !   They are obviously delighted,   but also totally shattered .   Anyway ,  we were desperate to see each other today , but reluctant to come to each other houses due to nosey neighbours and concerns for my elderly mother (quite rightly)       so,   like a group of naughty teenagers,  we arranged to meet up the park to neck a bottle of wine and catch up ,    WhatsApp Video is all well and good but it doesn’t quite reach the mark.

SO ,  with red wine warming my cockles and having not seen them for ages,   I started to rant ..     As one does in the midst of such strange times and with ones best friends.

My theory is that Corona Virus is not a conspiracy .  It’s not man made or placed by a certain government,   it’s a  bloody virus  and like any other pandemic ,  if we look historically   ,   we are well over due one.   But what I sense ,  is that it has ostensibly shifted the balance of control in our society.      So for example churches ;   most churches  , including mine,   have switched to online services,    what I have been left with , is a sense of freedom for all those folk who serve in our church ,   who like I used to (on some level)  give their time to do Sunday school  , serve coffee,   prep studies,  give lifts,   steward the doors,   clear up the kitchen ,   prepare music ,  the list is endless !    How they are able to rest.   How they are able to stay at home,  not do anything and   without the control and the pressure and the duty pressing down on their fragile souls .  Those burnt out people who have been constantly serving for years ,  can  finally sit at home on a Sunday  morning ,  in their bloody pyjamas  , without leaving the house and not feel ANY GUILT!

Those folk who are working from home,  those bosses ,  who say ,  ‘NO!  You can’t work from home’ ,    who can’t relinquish control and want to know exactly what people are doing and when ,    have lost their power,   those folk who trawl into work ,  on tubes,  in cars,   getting kids up,    making lunch boxes,  dropping off at school  , facing traffic jams,   can also just get up and work in their pyjamas.        The Bosses,  the Patriachs  –   have lost their power!      It is fucking wonderful.

Fuck me , people might actually start to think about themselves and their right to decide what’s best for them.   I fucking hope so.

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