Day 7: UK Lockdown

I spent many hours spring cleaning my kitchen today , something I wouldn’t normally have the Time or inclination for . I have neat rows of tins , bleach white cupboards and a feeling of serenity filtering round the kitchen ! I started a long form that I have to fill out . It was a day of doing , of action. I am finding that my obsession with the news is dwindling . I never had a great attention span , That’s why I am a woman of unfinished projects . Depends how long something takes on whether in my world it gets done. God knows how I got my degree…

I haven’t seen my daughter for about a week. She is isolating herself to the extreme , not sure if it’s a reaction to the world chaos or something else , but I feel helpless . I sometimes long for the days when she was little and I had control. You always ask yourself as a mother – where did I go wrong? What should I be doing differently? It’s such a mess .

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