Week 2 :UK lockdown

photo of burger beside fries
Photo by Sebastian Coman Photography on Pexels.com

I  now feel far removed from the mania around Corona Virus,   initially I was obsessed ,   anxious,   constantly watching the news,    but now ,  due to my already disclosed extremely short attention span ,   I am already over it.    I guess if it hit me hard by taking a member of my family then it would become something again,  but I have lost all interest in the whole debacle.   I think perhaps due to the fact that I believe that I have already had it,   I feel untouchable.   I hear about all the issues with PPE and the fact that I will be going to work on a ward where  I will be expected to use it and I just feel irritated ,    it suddenly feels like a great big deal made out of nothing.   Now I know it’s not,    but what felt ominous , important  , vital , encompassing  a week ago ,  has completely dropped off my radar.

SO ,  what do I do with this new found detachment ,  when everyone around me is acting like cats on hot tin rooves ?    Paradoxically ,  my dog has a virus ,   and I am more worried about him than the world.        I don’t have capacity for world pain ; world crisis ,    I can only be with what is in front of me.    And I ain’t gonna apologise for it.

Tonight we had a serious first world issue with our Uber Eats takeaway ,   burgers were missing ,  the chips were cold and there was a household meltdown.



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