Week 2 : Uk Lockdown

So , my husband agreed to do our ground floors while he is off from work. It’s something we have been planning to do and it seemed an opportune time. I have learned over the years to live with the upheaval of home renovations. But something about order , calm and tidiness just fills me with delight & and I still suffer an inability to relax until the norm is restored .

But my new grey floors are looking lovely and I am ever grateful to have such a clever husband . We got our 18 year old son to help (!) – bribery basically. They couldn’t be more different . My son lopes around like a stoned giraffe while my husband runs around like a headless chicken. Things haven’t been tranquil in my house this week !

Anyway , I start on my new unit on Monday. I had to make some choices about it all in the week and I feel like I made good , sound decisions , based on integrity and growth. I realised that I was leaning in to the fear and it’s always the best bet . I understood that I have always have a longing to be part of something & perhaps I didn’t quite feel like that in the team I was in. I sense the winds of change in my life far quicker than I ever expected them to blow in . But I embrace them and welcome their fragrance.

Corona Virus continues to dominate everything. We are now upto around 600 dead in one day. Yesterday I cried reading about 2 young nurses who died. Both leaving 3 children each. Such tragedy. I oscillate between two worlds of nonchalance and zeal In my thinking – some days I struggle to see the big picture . Others I jump on the band wagon and chat Boris mantras like a campaigner .

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