It’s all about the circumstance.

Circumstance :   It’s all about the circumstance,   how one individual or family is affected by the Corona Virus and subsequent lockdown is often  down to  small ,  insignificant life details.    So  ,   my son for example,   he is loving lockdown,  he had a job in a pub , where he just pipped the post to qualify for furlough.   He has a home,  parents ,  a garden ,  a bike & lots of love.    My husband is loving it even more,    his tough physical job has been put on hold,  with 2 hour drive there and back each day ,   he’s been given furlough now with full pay ,   he’s literally a new man ,  he’s tanned,  he’s grown a beard, he’s renovating our home with delight!    The effect that his job had on him was insidious.   Yet there are those in the world who are having real struggles as a direct result.     Those who can’t get home ,  stuck thousands of miles away on another continent,   those who’s violent partners are now at home with them 24 hours a day,   those who’s jobs have been lost with no income .

Yesterday ,  as we sat in our garden ,   enjoying the beautiful gift of the magic of British weather;  which is bestowing unusual heat and sunshine since Lockdown began –   the first BBQ of the year,  supping icy tinto veranos ,  I seriously thanked life for my blessings.   I got in my gorgeous comfortable bed last night and wondered about all those who have it really hard and I can only be grateful for what I have.    That’s all I can do ,    there’s no point feeling guilty,    I just have to love life and respect it’s cards.


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