Eve was BRAVE!

I am mid way through the new best seller by Glennon Doyle

” Untamed : Stop pleasing , Start Living “.

I was really struck by the ending of one of the chapters

Own your own wanting 

Eat the apple

Let it burn.  

Years ago when I was a new Christian ,  I was in a women’s bible study group .   We were studying the ‘ Fall ‘   .    We were talking about Eve and her crucial mistake of eating the apple and its subsequent domino effect on the earth.   I remember being really struck by this;   all around me were murmurings of her calamity & in my natural openness and perhaps naivety to the Christian faith ,  I said   ‘  I think  Eve was brave ‘ .   The flurry of voices filled the room admonishing me for my comment ,  albeit in a loving ‘ she’s new to us ‘  type way    : ‘  she was stupid more like ‘.       I then spend another 8 years as a christian but I realised that perhaps my initial reaction never left me ,  my intuitiveness that Eve was brave was damn right ,   but under the scrutiny of my new friends I submitted to the new way of life that I had forged to myself.  I ,   as many women are , was pressured to feel,  fit in ,   agree,   submit and to follow  that which went against  a deep feeling  in my heart.

I realise that I have always been brave.   I was seeing what was in my own heart inside Eve’s   and I was denying it.    As I leave the Christian life behind ,  there are still remnants which need to be swept up and put away ,  taken to the dump in fact.   Eve ,  you were fantastic.   You were brave and true to your instinctive nature to need to know what is true and what isn’t .   To seek that which is unknown.  To step out of the boundaries which have been placed around you by man,  society , culture :  the list is endless.  The things you were told as a little girl ,   the lies you were fed by your mother,  your friends,  the bullies,   the bosses ,   the teachers .    That which doesn’t serve you ,   trash it .  With a big whack in the bin like a basket ball hitting that ring.

Pick that apple  ,  it’s ripe , it’s juicy and despite that you might be told it is the way to sin &  estrangement with God ,   it’s actually a secret pathway to freedom ,  nature,   death , new life , more death ,  divinity itself.   Mother Earth ,  God,   oceans , trees,  everlasting oneness and love.     It’s a gateway to Love.   Its a pathway to trueness to oneself .   And that ,  my friends is the one thing left for you to have which is your own.    To mould , shape, change , convert,   put away , pick back up , chase , follow ,   create !

Eve was a bad ass mother fucker.



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