What holes are we trying to fill and how is the only question? 

My OH and I have just been to see  ” A Star is Born ”  , the re-make with Cooper and Gaga.

As film watchers we are reasonably easily pleased,  certainly my husband can just about enjoy any film ,  but we loved this and my OH really loved it.  It was just so raw and real.    Cooper’s depiction of an alcoholic was extraordinary ,  addiction is such a powerful thing & the film pulled you in on strings designed to touch the wounded parts of your soul.

Addiction ravages people.  Some addictions like alcoholism can maybe feel more glamorous than say  heroin ,  certainly Cooper was a loveable drunk ,  many aren’t.    My father was an alcoholic.    Far removed from the likes of Cooper,  he was quiet ,  secretive and very functional.   He did come alive when he had a drink ,   his serious subdued nature was put aside when the whiskey flamed his spirit ,   he was quite the gregarious one!  Alcohol controlled his life in a very unobtusive way , almost unnoticeable in fact.   But as I reflect on my father,   I feel his sadness.  I feel the hole that he was trying to fill.   There are so many wounded souls on this earth,  in many ways ,  we are all wounded . What holes are we trying to fill and how is the only question?

alcohol alcoholic background beer
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com