Different tracks

Summer 2012 042

So ,  it’s the end of another weekend.   After years of working shifts;  nights, weekends,  earlys & latess , I still get excited and delighted that I get the whole weekend off!   I have also recently decided not to do anymore Saturday early overtime.   I feel such a sense of release,  I feel that God doesn’t want me to do this,   he will provide my family with all we need to live and if we have to go without things then so be it.

My life has changed so much this year,  this month!   I have started swimming,   I have been trying to find the exercise that suits me and I have finally found it,   I suppose that I always knew it,  I have always been a ‘ swimmer ‘  it just seemed like a lot of effort to get to the pool and undress when I could just walk out my door.  But now , I have incorporated 3 swims a week.  It’s getting dark in the evenings now,  so I have less time to walk my precious dog after work.

After starting a Paleo lifestyle in April,  I feel that I am finally reaping its rewards!   I remember the book promising me that I would feel amazing after 30 days,   more like 130 days,  but amazing I feel.   I’ve lost 3 stone,  I feel at peace,  I feel energised beyond belief , things that I used to resent in life,  I no longer mind doing.    I know that this is all tied up  in my release from my addiction of overeating and having found a far deeper relationship with my King , Jesus Christ,   But eating clean , lovely fresh food,   3 times a day ,  only till I feel full has had a profound effect on my well-being.    Mental , physical , spiritual and emotional.

Clear road ahead..

Yesterday I allowed myself a break from the norm..

The norm , amazingly , is now clean eating.  We had a little lunch do at work for a colleague who was getting married,  I had my prepared lunch (leftovers) with me and brought berries for pudding as my contribution.  However,   once I saw the array of bread , cheese , hummus , crisps, meats  & homemade muffins    I knew that I would ,  for lunch only  , put aside my strict regime to indulge in some shared eats.   And it felt healthly .  It was healthy to not be constrictive all the time , it was healthy to eat with people ,  it was healthy to learn to eat ‘ forbidden’  foods in a controlled way!      I enjoy eating clean   ,  I know that it is something that I will always need to follow relatively consistently,    for I am a recovering compulsive overeater & sugar addict.     Four months ago I was 16 stone.   I am now 13.6 stone.   And for me to say that this was a break from the norm is a massive step forward,   for I have moved from ‘  being on a diet ‘   to being normal,   to eating the way I want to eat.   It has taken 20 years to come to this astonishing place in my life, whereby I have learned to love myself so much that I want to give myself what I have always yearned for ,  a slim & light body  , which is at peace with itself.   And although I am  still on my journey ,  I can  see the road clearly…