When I was 17 I got fed up with my first love so I dumped him

When I was 18 , I couldn’t wait to leave home , so I went far away to Uni.

When I was 20 I wanted to get out of London and escape so I left to go work in the Canaries

When I was 25 I wanted a baby so I got pregnant

When I was 30 I decided that my obsessional reliance on medication for anxiety was not what I wanted and I threw them in a public bin

When I was 33 I decided I wanted a career so I went back to Uni

When I was 35 I wanted a dog . So I brought one

When I was 39 , I decided I wanted to be In control of my destiny so I slowly took back the reins

When I was 41 I decided I didn’t believe in a Christian God and I gave up my religion

When I was 43, I Decided I had enough of my job and I got a new one.

Now I’m 44. I know it’s going to be a fucking great year and it will be.


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