I have just signed up to accept a refugee..


Well ,  Summer is officially over,   kids are back to school,  it’s raining and SOME people are putting their heating on.. I mean come on,  it’s still 14-17 degrees,  get a grip.

Summer disappears in England ,  before you’ve even had a chance to notice that it’s here,   it begins in May ,   in June , you see some really hot weather and then you just get the odd day here and there where it’s warm,  you notice I don’t say HOT,  it’s rarely hot.   Now it’s Autumn.

Still ,  I love Autumn.   I love Winter. I love Spring.  I just generally love my country and its seasons,   I am just relieved , that all these refugees in Syria have been given respite by fleeing in the summer ,   their horrific journeys have at least been made easier by fair weather.

I have just signed up to accept a refugee,   I think that it would be a great thing for my children to learn and I think that if we all do it then we can help these people.   I am ashamed of any in my nation who condemn these people to be ‘ self seeking ‘.  Bloody bigots,  they seriously piss me off.  Small , narrow minded folk who have nothing better to do than to moan about what they couldn’t even fathom. Rant over.


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