My daughter doesn’t ‘ do ‘ school …

My 12 year old (soon to be teenage) daughter hasn’t been to school for nearly a month.

After a horrendous first year of Senior school she has now outright refused to attend school.

This makes me feel : powerless,   frustrated , anxious ,   admiring , concerned & relieved .

What do you do when a child decides that she won’t allow society to tell her what to do.  When she makes the autonomous decision that school is not good for her mental health and that she can no longer handle it.

My daughter has anxiety and depression,  so says the letter.

So I am left with questions.    Will this be a phase?  Will she be provided with anything decent?   Will I have to de-register her to avoid the repercussions of Big Brother society .

What can one do in this life without a formal education ?   Is it all just bollocks.   Who says school is the gateway to success.   For some maybe.  But my daughter is saying no.  And I have to listen,  because that’s the the only choice I have.

2 thoughts on “My daughter doesn’t ‘ do ‘ school …

  1. We homeshool and get more success because there are now few distractions ie bullying or peer pressure issues. Also kids grow better when allowed to do it at their own rate, not just pushed to ensure schools get the grades they need to look good against others.


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