Week 2 : Uk lockdown

Working from home again today , trying to sort my caseload out before I move departments. I felt deflated today after a team zoom meeting , I left a team I loved 8 months ago and I never really felt that close to this new team , some weird dynamics & you can never quite tell if it’s you or them (!). Anyway , I didn’t feel as though I was particularly going to be missed , I didn’t feel there was much space given for my going , but then , they have never been much of a team for allowing processes. Part of me is thinking that there is much bigger plans afoot than I have the magic to see . But I trust in this plan and sense that the new team being set up – to which I am destined for will be a much better fit for me.

This evening I noticed my dog is poorly. I rang the vet and they are only doing emergency face to dog appointments and I have to pay £40 for a phone call triage! I await that tomorrow but my heart felt wrenched at his little face , I know every inch of him and I can tell he isn’t well. He’s my third child. I Adore this creature with my whole being.

My other child – an 18 year old man-child , spends the lockdown constantly asking me for food !

I’ll be glad to get back to work at this rate …

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