The Beautiful Moon.

As we move like the ocean through these tides of strange times , things start to become the norm. Queuing to get into the supermarket , not hugging friends , being together with family at home all the time , yoga on zoom , not making any plans to do anything or go anywhere .. The furore of the initial weeks has now dissipated into an uneasy milieu . Tentatively ; people , businesses , cultures , test a toe in the water to check out the temperature .

Last night , the full pink moon was out in her full glory, a perfectly still , cloudless night to showcase her beauty. We arranged to meet friends up the common , we took some Prosecco and drank out of plastic cups , on blankets , 2 metres apart and looked at the moon. The night was so still , the sky devoid of jet streams , instead , mallards flying overhead quacking their way home. It was quite beautiful.


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